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Online Dictionaries:
The best online English language dictionary
More English dictionaries

English - Czech

English - Dutch

English - French

English - Frisian


English - Italian

English - Latin

English - Norwegian

Polish language

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I am a teacher and translator from Poland, and one of my main interests is in language! Here are links to my favourite language related websites on the internet. Please contact me if I've missed any good sites. Use my friendship link to use the languages you know by making penpals, penfriends and friends around the world.


Foreign Languages:
Languages: our webpages with information about languages and foreign language study.


Czech: Learn basic Czech online


Danish: Danish grammar, pronunciation and everyday expressions online.


Dutch: An online Dutch language course and interesting Dutch links.


Anglik English on the internet: A site maintained by a group of teachers and translators of English based in Poland and Germany  Includes links to some of the best online English language resources.

Learn English Online - practice and improve your English by talking with a robot! Great fun!
BBC Learning English: Comprehensive English language website.

Common Errors in English - information for advanced users of English wishing to refine their English.

Guide to Grammar and Writing in English: Online grammar guide.

How to Learn English: some general tips on learning languages, especially English.

Punctuation Made Simple - discussion of several of the most useful punctuation marks.

Teaching English: The best site about teaching English by the British Council and BBC.
World English: 100's of free English language activities and exercises for learners of English.


Esperanto: Online guide to Esperanto.


Estonian: Basic introduction to Estonian, plus links to an Estonian/English dictionary etc.


The Finnish Language: Everything you ever wanted to know about Finnish!


Easy French: Intro to the language in English
French Learning and Language Exchange: Well organised site for students of French.
Jacques Léon's French Language Course: Nice site by a French native speaker.


Introduction to Frisian : Basic information on the Frisian language.
Learn Frisian: A site with some nice links to Frisian language resources. 


Irish Gaelic : Interactive Irish lessons.
Scottish Gaelic: The basics of Scottish Gaelic. 


Basic Business German: BBC site aimed at those learning German for business.
German for Beginners: Comprehensive site offering free and paid language services.
German online magazine: Magazine aimed at improving the language of people who already know some German.


Greek: Comprehensive site about modern Greek.


Hebrew: Learn Hebrew Online.


Learn Hindi Online: The Australian National University's website about the Hindi language.


Ciao!: Italian web course. Well-indexed; lessons in English.
Italian Electronic Classroom: Free online information on difficult aspects of Italian.


Japanese Online : Nice site for learners of Japanese.
Jim Breen's Japanese Language Resource: Recommended site for the serious linguist. 


Latin Dictionary, Grammar Aid and Wordlist: Site in English.



Norwegian Email based lessons in Norwegian.



Polish online: Learn the basics of Polish. Also includes a 100% human Polish / English translation service which is completely free!

Test your Polish: online Polish language test.

Polish and Poland Forum: visit this forum to discuss Poland and the Polish language.

Learn Polish in Poland: summer Polish language courses combined with tourism.

Learn Polish Online : information and resources for learners of the Polish language, together with a look at a typical small Polish town. Site includes soundfiles for you to download and listen to.

Polish Language Forum: discuss the Polish language and Polish translation issues.


Portuguese Online: Lessons, pronunciation/verb guides, practice, chat.


Language Romania: Basic Romanian expressions.


Master Russian: Comprehensive site about the Russian language.
Learn Basic Russian: Nice site detailing the basics of the Russian language with sound.


Slovak: Learn the basics of the Slovak language.


The Spanish Test: Find out your language level.
Temas: Spanish language 'Basic Spanish'.
Web Spanish Lessons:  Spanish lessons on the net.


Telegu: Learn the south Indian language online.



Learn to Speak Thai: Basic phrases and dictionary with audio files.
Learn Thai: Everything you need to know about the Thai language.


Catchphrase Welsh: A fine BBC website for learners of Welsh.


Other language / linguistics sites:

Language Identifier: Type a few words and the program will tell you what language they are from

What is Linguistics: The best description I've found for what 'Linguistics' is.
Linguist List: The world's largest online linguistic resource.
Ethnologue Database: Database of the world's languages, showing dialects, areas spoken, etc.
Universal Survey of Languages: Click on a language to see how many speakers it has, spoken, and language samples.




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